My name is Joanna Stołowicz, and I am a passionate and professional photographer with many years of experience. I help businesses and individual clients in Szczecin and the surrounding area.

My services are aimed at businesses and individuals who need high-quality visual materials for their business.

I specialize in culinary, product, and business photography.

With my help, you can create visually appealing materials that will attract customers and increase sales.

I understand how important it is to you to create high-quality products and build a strong brand. That’s why I offer photos and videos that will capture their value and convince customers to choose them.

I can help you grow your business with my specialized knowledge and experience in culinary and product photography, as well as my knowledge of the latest trends and techniques.

My approach to each project is individual, which allows me to create photos and videos that translate into real sales results.

Joanna Stołowicz fotograf